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Industrial Corporate HQ & Manufacturing

GN ReSound HQ

121,870+ SF / Mission Critical Flex R&D Facility

Located in Bloomington, MN, on the outskirts of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Fully leased to Hearing Care Corp. (dba.“GNReSound”) as their corporate HQ and R&D hub. Benefit from the region’s renowned Fortune 500 presence, cultural richness, and robust economy. With a thriving labor pool and continuous population growth, this property offers an enticing investment opportunity.

exterior of an office building at 8001 E Bloomington

16.2% Gross IRR  |  3.1x Equity Multiple  |  15.6% FFO Yield

Results driven. Community minded.


As an investor in various properties, CIRE is at the top of the list when it comes to a trusted partner with the expertise and mindset you want when entrusting your money to a real estate investment company. They take a conservative approach and continue to exceed expectations year after year. This was proven out as CIRE properties more than exceeded national averages and projections as the pandemic hit many real estate sectors. I could not be happier knowing I am invested in a company like CIRE.

- Eric Wenstone / Investor

CIRE has an institutional discipline and an entrepreneurial spirit. They spend a lot of time being mindful about downside. I have been with CIRE since their very first investment in 2010 and invested with them all the way out through the cycle and I have watched them grow as a company.

- Greg Reed / Investor

CIRE’s return profile is positive and their management of commercial real estate challenges is definitely above average. The opportunities they have capitalized on probably speaks as high as the quality of the people involved. I think those are their two highest characteristics and are things that me as a private investor, can’t replicate. They bring something that I can’t do and that’s the perfect complement to me.

- Jonathon Croxton / Investor


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Results driven. Community minded.

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