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Smarter investing. Enduring value.

A strong foundation crafted for long-term success.

CREIT is a differentiated real estate platform, purpose built to deliver a comprehensive and aligned investment solution to long-term focused investors.

We balance a value-oriented investment approach with a high-growth strategy and execution plan to deliver investors a powerful combination of low-risk, durable income, and outsized total returns.

CREIT Performance Summary

*As of March 31, 2024

Industry Leading Alignment


Fund Co-Investment by CIRE Principals

Attractive, Tax Efficient 


Current Dividend

Passive Income Yield


Tax-Equivalent Dividend Yield

Compelling Total Returns


Annualized Net Return Since Inception


Radiating value from the inside out.

Relationship Driven - Relationships are at the center of everything we do

We leverage our deep industry connections to source value not readily available to the wider market. This includes building quality relationships and ensuring we have aligned interests with brokers, owners, tenants, investors, and our employees.

Nimble - As the market evolves, so do we

We are flexible in our investment strategy, actively adapting to evolving market conditions. With our ability to invest in various product types and across the capital stack, we have the necessary tools to minimize risk and maximize value throughout different market cycles.

Innovative - Unconventional thinking fuels our success

We embrace complex transactions overlooked by others, investing the necessary effort to isolate risk and uncover value. By harnessing the power of technology, we have built a scalable platform that empowers us to efficiently expand.

Resilient - Manager selection matters

Challenges are inevitable, and we dig in to ensure success when they arise. We carefully curate a durable portfolio with multiple exit strategies, providing flexibility to mitigate risk and optimize returns.

Disciplined - We invest with conviction

We don’t chase returns or trends. We evaluate our opportunities against our investment criteria and stay disciplined to the process to ensure we minimize risk and maximize potential for positive outperformance.


Hands-on success.

Our platform is managed by a dedicated expert leadership team that’s personally invested alongside investors, ensuring everyone’s interests are aligned. through proactive risk mitigation strategies and operational expertise, we aim to maximize ROI on each investment.


We take relationships personally

People are at the core of our success.

Investments for sustainable growth.
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