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Maximizing returns. Reducing risk.

A Path to Wealth Creation

CIRE Real Estate Investment Trust, LLC (CREIT) platform is a differentiated and perpetual real estate investment solution. Established in May 2019, our diverse portfolio encompasses industrial, retail, net-lease, multi-family, office, and medical properties across the United States.

Experience the benefits of CREIT: consistent growth, durable income, tax-efficient returns, reduced risk, and strategic value creation through targeted acquisitions.

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CREIT Performance Summary

*As of March 31, 2024

Industry Leading Alignment


Fund Co-Investment by CIRE Principals

Attractive, Tax Efficient 


Current Dividend

Passive Income Yield


Tax-Equivalent Dividend Yield

Compelling Total Returns


Annualized Net Return Since Inception


CREIT provide investors with a distinct blend of portfolio benefits, ensuring a robust investment experience.

Durable income

Enjoy consistent, tax efficient income

Reduced volatility

Experience lower volatility compared to alternative investments

Long-term growth

Positions investors for capital appreciation and the preservation of wealth

Gross Asset Value

Net Asset Value

Portfolio SF





Average Cap Rate

Weighted Average Lease Term

Total Annualized Base Rent By Credit Mix

Total Annualized Base Rent by Credit Mix illustration
Total Annualized Base Rent By Geography
Total Annualized Base Rent by Geography Illustration

CREIT Portfolio Concentration

map of the united states

43.2% West

33.5% Southwest

21.0% Midwest

2.3% Southeast

0% Northeast


Unlocking Prosperity

Durable Cash Flow and Value-Add Appreciation

CREIT, a private, non-traded, perpetual-life real estate investment platform, was founded with an initial contribution of 11 assets, including seven multi-tenant discount and daily need retail centers and four mission-critical single-tenant industrial properties. Our portfolio’s continuous growth is propelled by a middle-market approach to private real estate, focusing on income-generating property types through new acquisitions and 721-exchange contributions.

Invest in CREIT for a diversified REIT platform offering durable cash flow and value-add appreciation in dynamic markets.


Grow and preserve wealth.

Direct Investment into CREIT

mixed real estate buildings illustration

Passive investing, consistent income growth

Direct Investment

Accredited investors have a unique opportunity to invest directly in CREIT, gaining access to a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate assets and directly benefiting from consistent growth, durable income generation, and tax-efficient returns. Leverage the expertise of our team and stability of our platform to achieve long-term financial growth and wealth preservation.

Preserve wealth, defer taxes.

1031 or 721 Exchange

Explore tax-efficient investing with CREIT by leveraging the benefits of 1031 and 721 exchanges. Our platform provides a seamless transition for investors looking to defer capital gains taxes through reinvesting capital (1031) or property (721) while gaining exposure to a diversified portfolio of income-generating commercial real estate. Learn how CREIT’s innovative approach aligns with your investment goals, offering a strategic pathway to long-term financial growth and wealth preservation.

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