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At CIRE Equity, we’re more than committed stewards; we’re your pathway to confident, rewarding real estate investments. We redefine success by combining creativity, discipline, deep industry relationships, and entrepreneurship in order to excel in sourcing and structuring deals, uncovering value others miss.

With a win-win culture–our leadership team is personally invested alongside you, ensuring 100% alignment of interests – so you can experience consistent returns, including a tax-efficient 6% dividend, and peace of mind with our proactive “de-risking” strategies.

Solid investments.
Superior returns.
Dedicated leadership.
Experienced team.
Aligned relationships.

No limits.

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The CIRE difference.

Our investment philosophy focuses on providing investors durable cash flow and value-add appreciation, that’s why our diversified holdings are designed to safeguard, preserve, and grow your wealth. Our disciplined approach to underwriting, rigorous due diligence, and best-in-class asset management practices ensures consistent above-market returns. Experience the power of our institutionally scalable platform infused with entrepreneurial nimbleness, allowing us to think outside the box, identify prime opportunities, and effectively manage risk for your financial success.

Eager to learn more? Explore The CIRE Difference where relationships, nimbleness, innovation, discipline, and resilience converge to benefit you.

Buy Right

Acquire underperforming assets at a discount to intrinsic value due to capital constraint, encumbering debt, mismanagement, or poor seller timing/strategy.

Target Specific Markets

Target specific growth markets in the U.S. with improving economic activity, rents and asset prices.

Enhance Value

Invest in assets with potential to significantly enhance value and cash flow through creative structuring and proactive asset management – including selective capital improvements, tenant leasing opportunities and correction of operating inefficiencies.

Leverage Network

Leverage relationships with our network of real estate brokers and targeted sellers in order to source opportunities not widely marketed.

Ensure Flexibility

Identify assets with the potential to implement investment strategies which allow multiple exit scenarios.

Focus on Middle Market

Identify assets that don’t fit the “box” for traditional investors and capitalize on the market dislocation within secondary markets and midsized properties.


Discover enduring value.

Diversify your portfolio with CREIT, our private, non-traded, perpetual-life Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Investors gain exposure to income-generating U.S. commercial real estate in growth markets across industrial, retail, net-lease, multifamily, office, and medical properties. Enjoy steady cash flow income, capital appreciation, and reduced taxable income as a passive, income-focused investor.


Expanded investment landscape.

Discover diverse investment opportunities across our business lines: private equity, credit, separate accounts, and joint ventures. We’re dedicated to fostering prosperity for stakeholders beyond our REIT platform, providing avenues for growth, collaboration, and sustainable returns with qualified partners.

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