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How can I log in to the Investor Portal?

To access your CIRE Equity Investor Portal account, simply log in here using your designated username and password. In the event you encounter any difficulties gaining access, kindly contact our Investor Relations team at for prompt assistance.

When will my investments in CREIT be visible on the Juniper Square Portal?

You can expect to see your investments on the Investor Portal within 45-60 days from your initial investment or investment start date. For instance, if your investment start date is 8/1, you should be able to view your investment in the Investor Portal no later than 9/30. This timeframe ensures timely and accurate updates to reflect your holdings in the portal.

How frequently will I receive reports or updates on my investment performance?

We deliver comprehensive investment reports quarterly. Within 45 days of the close of each quarter, we provide detailed updates within our Quarterly Reports and upload your earnings data to the Investor Portal. Expect to receive a notification email from Investor Relations, guiding you on accessing this information. Simply log into the CIRE Equity Investor Portal to stay informed about the latest developments in your investment portfolio.

What types of communications can I expect after each quarter, and what information do they include?

Within 45 days of the conclusion of the previous quarter, you will receive three types of communications:

  • Distribution Notice(s) – This communication outlines options for reinvestment (DRIP) or receiving a cash distribution, provided via a wire transfer.
  • Quarterly Investor Statement(s) – These statements offer a comprehensive overview, including your capital account balance, Year-to-Date (YTD) distributions (if any), and your quarterly and YTD rate of return on your investment.
  • Quarterly Reports for Your Investment(s) – Emailed to you in PDF format, these reports provide detailed insights into the performance of your investment during the respective quarter.
How can I invest more money?
If you wish to invest additional funds in CREIT, you have the flexibility to do so at any time and there is no minimum requirement. It’s important to be aware that any new investment will be considered active starting from the 1st day of the following month. This ensures a streamlined process for integrating new investments into our system.
How can I refer someone as an investor?

Your referrals are highly valued. To refer someone as a potential investor, kindly send an introductory email or provide their information to Once received, our team will promptly reach out, facilitating the process of setting up a potential investor call. We appreciate your commitment to expanding our investor community.

When can I expect to receive my distribution?

The timing of your distribution depends on the method you’ve chosen:

  • Distribution Reinvestment (DRIP): If you’re enrolled in DRIP, your distributions will be reinvested, returning to your account on the first day of the next quarter. For instance, your Q1 distribution will be credited to your account on the first day of Q2 and reflected in your Q2 capital account statement.
  • Cash Distribution: If you opt to receive your distribution in cash, the payment will be wire transferred to the bank account we have on file within 45 days of the quarter close.

Automatic DRIP setup is a default for distributions in CREIT. If you prefer to receive partial or all quarterly cash distributions, you can opt-out of DRIP by contacting Our team will assist in configuring your account according to your preferences.

How can I switch from taking a cash distribution to activating DRIP for maximum earnings?
If you currently receive a cash distribution each quarter but wish to enhance your earning potential through DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan), reach out to and express your desire to change your distribution election to DRIP. You have the flexibility to choose either full or half percentages. Upon your request, our team will send you a one-page document via DocuSign, requiring your signature to complete the DRIP election opt-in.
What is the duration of the investment term, and when can I cash out?

CREIT operates as an open-ended fund, and as such, there is no fixed investment term. The fund is designed to continue indefinitely, without a predetermined limit on ownership interests. When you invest in an open-ended REIT, your funds contribute to the creation of new ownership interests, and your investment becomes part of the overall pool. Your ownership interests are reflected in a capital balance account, which is reported quarterly to provide transparency into the performance of your investment. There is no specific timeline for cashing out, as the fund remains open-ended, allowing flexibility for investors.

What if I need to dissolve or divide an LLC or Trust?
If you need to dissolve or divide LLCs and Trusts, the process mirrors the outlined procedure in the previous question. Initiate the process by contacting Our team will guide you through the necessary steps.
What if I need to update my contact or banking information?

For any changes to your contact or banking details, promptly contact Unfortunately, you cannot modify this information directly within the Investor Portal. Upon submitting your updated account information, please allow 3-5 days for processing. Investor Relations will send a confirmation email once the update is complete.

What if I want to add someone to my account for review or document receipt, such as a financial advisor, CPA, tax preparer, spouse, etc.?
If you wish to add secondary points of contact, such as a financial advisor, CPA, tax preparer, spouse, etc., reach out to You can include up to five additional points of contact per vesting name, specifying the type of documentation each contact receives. Our team will assist you in setting up and customizing these additional contacts.
What if I want to view my investment in my brokerage, stock trading, or retirement planning account?

These platforms are third-party entities, and we don’t have direct access to set up these accounts for you. However, as an approved alternative investment, you, as the account holder, can initiate this process by reaching out to your fiduciary. Specifically, request to speak with an alternative investment specialist. If you work with a financial or wealth advisor, they may also assist in facilitating this request on your behalf.

Please contact your fiduciary through the information provided below to initiate the setup process:

Once set up, you can securely access various investment-related documents, tax forms, transaction history, and correspondence. Take advantage of features such as tracking your transaction history and income, viewing investment performance through charts and metrics, and providing portal access to additional contacts, such as consultants, custodians, or accountants.

What are my options for liquidity?

While CREIT investments are recommended for the long term, we understand the need for flexibility. Investors have the option to submit full or partial redemption requests at any time. To redeem cash from the REIT, whether in full or in part, investors must initiate a redemption request by contacting Investor Relations. It is important to note that a minimum of 90 days’ written notice before the end of any calendar quarter is required. For further details on the Withdrawals & Redemption process, please refer to your PPM documentation or reach out to

Understanding Your Quarterly Capital Account Statements

We’ve created a detailed breakdown of each line item you might encounter on your statement, helping you navigate through transaction histories and understand the value of your position in the fund at the close of each quarter.

CIRE Capital Account Statement

The purpose of the capital account statement is to detail a record of your transaction history during each quarter and report the value of your position in the fund at the end of the quarter. Here is a breakdown of each line item that may appear on your statement:

  • Beginning Balance: This is the value of your account balance at the beginning of the quarter for which the statement is being provided.
  • Capital Contribution: If this line items appears, this indicates an increase to your beginning account balance as a result of new capital contributed during the quarter. It includes capital contributed to your investment in the form of cash and/or in-kind contributions of properties/interests in other investments.
  • Distributions: Distributions are declared by the fund quarterly, resulting in reductions to your account balance as of the last day of each quarter.
    1. If you elected to participate in the distribution reinvestment plan (“DRIP”), the reinvestment of current quarter distributions will appear as an addition to your account balance next quarter.
    2. If you elected to receive cash distributions, the current quarter distributions will match the amount you received via wire transfer within 45 days after the end of each quarter. We also send quarterly distribution notices that agree to this amount and indicate the type of distribution you received (i.e., cash vs. DRIP).
  • Reinvested Distributions*: If you are on DRIP, your previous quarter’s distribution amount is reinvested on the first day of the current quarter and will appear in this line item.
  • Income: This is your share of the net income (or loss) of the fund. The fund earns income from the cash flows generated by its properties, realized gains when properties are sold for more than they were acquired, and changes in unrealized gains and losses when the fair value of the fund’s properties are reassessed (at least annually). Income is allocated to your capital account balance based on your percentage ownership in the fund.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

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