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Unitized interests in OpCo/CREIT

We are pleased to announce that we have unitized all interests in OpCo/CREIT to bring us into alignment with our private and public, non-listed REIT peers and to allow you to track your investment performance more easily.


  • Units: This is the amount of units you have in the fund at the end of the quarter.
  • NAV per unit: Ending price per unit at the end of the given quarter. This amount changes monthly.
  • Account value: Ending capital balance. Units x Net Asset Value (NAV) per Unit = Account Value

Account Value (Units)

Beginning value: This is the value of your account balance at the beginning of the quarter for which the statement is being provided and should match your ending capital balance from the previous quarter.

Capital contributions: If this line item appears, it indicates an increase to your beginning account balance as a result of new capital contributed during the quarter. It includes capital contributed to your investment in the form of cash and/or in-kind contributions of properties/interests in other investments. Please note that the units you receive for these contributions will be based on the month the funds are contributed.

Reinvested distributions: If you are on the distribution reinvestment plan (“DRIP”), your previous quarter’s distribution amount is reinvested on the first day of the current quarter and will appear in this line item. This is considered a capital contribution and goes into your account on the first day of the quarter. A reinvested distribution adds units to your account. The NAV per unit is calculated at the beginning NAV per unit of the quarter.

Change in value: This is the net Income minus the quarterly distribution for this quarter.

Ending value: This is your capital account balance at the end of the quarter.

Distributions: Distributions are declared by the fund quarterly, resulting in reductions to your account balance as of the last day of each quarter.

  • If you elected to participate in the distribution reinvestment plan (“DRIP”), the reinvestment of current quarter distributions will appear as an addition to your account balance next quarter.
  • If you elect to receive cash distributions, the current quarter distributions will match the amount you received via wire transfer within 45 days after the end of each quarter. We also send quarterly distribution notices that agree to this amount and indicate the type of distribution you received (i.e., cash vs. DRIP).

Capital Activity

This shows the capital activity: Contributions, Reinvested Distributions, and Redemptions since inception.

Distribution Summary

This shows the distribution activity since inception.

Transaction this Period

This section displays transactions for the specified quarter. It’s important to understand how capital transactions such as Contributions, Reinvested Distributions, and Redemptions affect your account:

  • Contributions: When you make a contribution, units are calculated for the month the money was added to your account. For instance, a contribution made in March would calculate units based on the Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit as of March 1st.
  • Reinvested distributions: Reinvested distributions are credited to your account on the first day of the quarter. For example, a reinvested distribution for Q1 reflects the NAV per unit as of January 1st.
  • Redemptions: Redemptions are processed on the last day of the quarter. For instance, a redemption for Q1 reflects the NAV per unit as of March 31st.

Other Common FAQs

If I elected to receive cash distributions, when are distributions paid?

You will receive your cash distribution via wire transfer within 45 days of the last day of each quarter. For instance, the last day of Q4 2022 is 12/31/22; therefore, you will receive your cash distributions no later than 2/14/23.

What if I currently receive a cash distribution each quarter but would like to opt into DRIP to maximize my earning potential?

Reach out to and let us know that you would like to change your distribution election to DRIP. We will send you a one-page document via DocuSign and require your signature for your DRIP election opt-in.

How does DRIP work and how can I see what money has been earned?

Whenyou elect to re-invest distributions, you do not receive distributions in cash. Rather, the amounts distributed by the fund are added back to your capital account balance at the beginning of the next quarter. This will increase your relative share of ownership in the fund, which then increases the amount of income and distributions allocated to your account in the future.

What if I want to refer someone as an investor?

We appreciate your referrals. Please send an introductory email or provide their information to and we will reach out and set up a potential investor call. 

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