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At CIRE Equity, we focus on building a best-in-class organization to create and sustain prosperity for our community of stakeholders.

We believe that a large part of success is aligned around our unique core values that form our cultural DNA. We create an environment that allows our tenants, team members, and partners to show up as their authentic selves and bring their diversity of thought and experiences to share openly which drives better results and more innovation. We provide the resources for growth personally and professionally, as we believe our greatest assets are our quality relationships with our community of stakeholders.



We know that diversity of thought leads to innovation. We create a psychologically safe environment to encourage creativity to unlock hidden potential in all aspects of our business, from new technology to deal structures to rethinking the best and highest uses of our assets. We excel as proactive thinkers and problem solvers. We never settle for the status quo because we are passionate in identifying opportunities to add value where others may have overlooked.


Accountability is at the center of our culture. We believe “done or not done” is more than a saying; it is a conscious commitment to each other every day. We are a high-performing team that always strives to achieve beyond expectations for our community of stakeholders. We pursue excellence in all that we do.


At CIRE, we have a growth mindset. We continuously strive to reflect, improve, and evolve as individuals and for the assets that we manage. We are courageous and resilient in the face of potential challenges. As lifelong learners, we embrace the journey knowing that there is no best, only better.


Relationships matter. We understand our success is based on our aligned and authentic partnership with our community of tenants, vendors, investors, and employees.

The Impact of Diverse Perspectives

At CIRE, we practice a modern leadership approach where the inclusivity of people and diversity of thought, experience, and background are highly valued. This approach advances new ideas and fosters our entrepreneurial culture, creating opportunities and successful outcomes for our firm and our investors, partners, tenants, and employees.

Through our I.D.E.A. team, we strive to provide an inclusive environment where differences are valued, embraced, and celebrated so that everyone can reach their full potential.

commitment to DEI


Joshua Volen

Principal & Co-Founder

Trevor Smith

Principal & Co-Founder

Alexis Volen

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Tamashiro

General Counsel

Valarie King

VP of Property Management

Elva Hernandez

VP of Accounting

John Yamane

Vice President of Finance

Sarah Bacay

Director of Lease Administration

Benjamin Choo

Director of Financial Analysis

Daniel Blum

Director of Asset Management

Jacqueline Locher

Director of Financial Analysis

Kelly Price

Business Development Manager

Tina Mumm

Director of Brand Strategy

Steven Russell

Director of Construction & Development

Sam Marder

Director of Asset Management

Trudi Marcello

Assistant Controller

Stephany Fox

Accounting Supervisor

Daniel Choy

Accounting Manager

Mukhesh Raju

Senior Systems Manager

Vanessa Kuehn

Senior Property Accountant

Dylan McLaughlin

Transaction Manager

Mary Ann Reyes

Senior Leasing Administrator

David Lavi

Property Accountant

Easton Watumull

Asset Manager

McKenna Drummond

Property Manager

Jana Clark

Property Manager

Katie Kloos

Property Manager

Mieesha Fisher

Associate Property Manager

Natasha Trumbo


Suzanne Hoyem

Investor Relations & Marketing Coordinator

Carolyn Blain

Senior Leasing Coordinator

Briana McReynolds

Associate Property Manager and Marketing Coordinator

Kassi Rife

Transaction Coordinator

Kate Woodcraft

Tenant Coordinator

Ivy Xiang

Financial Analyst

Peter Philp

AR/AP Accountant

Greg Del Vecho

Acquisitions Analyst

Idalia Maytorena

Office Manager & HR Coordinator

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