CIRE Real Estate Investment Trust, LLC (also known as CREIT) was created in May 2019 through the initial contribution of 11 assets, entailing seven multi-tenant discount and daily need retail centers and four mission-critical single-tenant industrial properties. The portfolio has seen consistent growth through new acquisitions and 721-exchange contributions. CREIT’s portfolio is primarily located in the Western and Southwestern United States, focusing on recession-resilient growth markets. CREIT continues to identify and acquire strategic opportunities in the ever-changing market landscape to provide durable cash flow and value-add appreciation to investors through a diverse REIT platform.

creit Portfolio profile as of 12/31/23


Property SF

Wtd. Avg. Debt Maturity


Wtd. Avg. Interest Rate


Wtd. Avg. LTV


Annualized Distribution Yield


Tenant Count


WHY CIRE Real Estate
Investment Trust? 

CIRE Real Estate Investment Trust, LLC (CREIT) is a private, non-traded, perpetual life real estate investment platform that brings a middle-market approach to private real estate to income-focused investors. CREIT invests income-generating U.S. commercial real estate within opportunistic, growth markets across key property types including, industrial, retail, net-lease, multi-family, office, and medical.



Private real estate has historically delivered competitive, risk-adjusted portfolio returns while reducing overall volatility and is not subject to high regulatory compliance costs.


Private real estate is not traded on an exchange and therefore not susceptible to daily market fluctuations. Private REITS generally calculate share prices quarterly.  


Private REITs pay out high dividend yields providing steady cash flow income or DRIP opportunity to investors plus capital appreciation while reducing their taxable income. 

Investment Opportunities Throughout the U.S.

Our investment strategy includes acquiring commercial real estate across the Southwestern part of the United States and within some key port cities beyond that region.

CREIT Portfolio Map


1280 Disc Drive

1280 Disc Drive

1280 Disc Drive Shakopee, MN

13001 almeda houston

13001 Almeda Rd

13001 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77045

Fresenius Medical Care

1333 Smith

1333 Smith St., Logansport, IN 46947

17477 Nisqualli

17477 Nisqualli

17477 Nisqualli Rd. Victorville , CA 92395

18703 Intercontinental Crossing

18703 Intercontinental Crossing

18703 Intercontinental Crossing Dr., Houston, TX 77073

Houston Produce

3102 Produce Row

3102 Produce Row Houston, TX 77023 United States

412 North Haven

412 N Haven

412 N Haven St Spokane, WA 99202 United States

7416 East Broadway

7416 E Broadway

7416 E Broadway Ave Spokane, WA 99212 United States

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Financial information is as of December 31, 2022, unless otherwise noted. 

1) Gross Asset Value (GAV) is as of the end of the quarter and is equal to total Fund Net Asset Value plus all outstanding loan balances of property-level financing.​

2) The number of properties is as of quarter end and reflects updated methodology that consolidates previously separated net-lease pads and vacant land into their respective multi-tenant retail assets.

3) Weighted Average Interest Rate is calculated as the weighted average interest rate based on the outstanding loan balance as of the current quarter’s end.​

4) Weighted Average LTV is calculated as the Fund’s total outstanding loan balances to property carry values as of the quarter’s end.

5) Distribution Yield calculated based on the average beginning NAV for all months from the beginning of the calendar year.

6) DSCR is calculated as Portfolio NOI divided by debt service. NOI is based on internal CIRE in-place forward 12-month NOI as of the quarter’s end. Debt service is based on annualized monthly debt service as of the quarter’s end.

7) Weighted Average Debt Maturity is weighted by outstanding loan balance as of the quarter’s end.

Interested in investing?

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