investment strategy


Buy Right

Acquire underperforming assets at a discount to intrinsic value due to capital constraint, encumbering debt, mismanagement, or poor timing/strategy.

Target Specific Markets

Target specific growth markets in the Southwestern U.S. with improving economic activity, rents and asset prices.

Enhance Value

Invest in assets with potential to significantly enhance value and cash flow through creative structuring and proactive asset management – including selective capital improvements, tenant leasing opportunities and correction of operating inefficiencies.

Leverage Network

Leverage relationships with our network of real estate brokers and targeted sellers in order to source opportunities not widely marketed.

Ensure Flexibility

Identify assets with the potential to implement investment strategies which allow multiple exit scenarios.

Focus on a Niche

Identify assets that don’t fit the “box” for traditional investors and capitalize on the market dislocation within secondary markets and midsized properties.