Park West Frosty Fest

by CIRE Equity /
March 6, 2024
Frosty Fest Park West Event a young girl tubing down a snowy hill

An Inaugural Heartwarming Celebration of Community and Cheer!

In December 2023, we held the first-ever Frosty Fest at Park West in Peoria, AZ, marking a spectacular beginning to the holiday season, leaving a trail of joy and memories for over 8,000+ visitors at our Park West Shopping Center. More than just a festive event, it was a testament to the power of community collaboration. Join us as we take you through the enchanting highlights of this magical celebration, all made possible by our team, local businesses, non-profits, and generous sponsors.

A Winter Wonderland for All:

Against the backdrop of Park West, our team, in collaboration with local businesses, non-profits, and sponsors, transformed the space into a fabulous winter wonderland. Real snow, reindeer rides, train rides, lively performances, and engaging games for the kids set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Families from all corners of the Valley gathered to share in the festive spirit, creating a sense of unity and warmth.

Puppy Love and Fur-ever Homes:

One of the standout moments was the presence of Puppy Luv Animal Rescue, who brought not only joy but also the opportunity for a forever home to four adorable puppies. The collaboration with Puppy Luv Animal Rescue added an extra layer of heartwarming moments to Frosty Fest, proving that community events can make a real impact on both humans and furry friends alike.

Beyond Shopping – Park West as a Community Hub:

Park West isn’t just a shopping destination; it’s a thriving community hub on the west side of the Valley. The success of Frosty Fest highlights the importance of fostering community connections beyond retail spaces. A special shoutout goes to Funergy, whose generous sponsorship made this magical event possible, emphasizing the role of local businesses in creating vibrant and memorable community experiences.

And as the lights dim on the inaugural Frosty Fest at Park West, we extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of the 8,000+ visitors who joined us in this celebration of community and holiday cheer. The event not only marked the beginning of the festive season but also showcased the spirit of togetherness and collaboration that defines Park West. Stay tuned for more community-driven events or visit Park West’s website as we continue to make memories, build connections, and spread joy in the heart of the Valley. Thank you for being a part of this magical journey with us!


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