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Alexis Volen

Chief Operating Officer

Alexis Volen, the inaugural employee at CIRE Equity since 2011, now holds the esteemed position of Chief Operating Officer. Over the years, her journey from Operations Manager to VP of Asset Management has been pivotal in CIRE’s evolution and growth, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the commercial real estate industry through direct involvement in all facets of the business. In her current role, Alexis manages diverse departments, including human resources and asset and property management, overseeing corporate operations with a keen eye for detail.

A strategic executive, Alexis consistently demonstrates her ability to identify, manage, and capitalize on real estate investments across the US. Under her leadership, CIRE has developed a substantial and diverse commercial real estate investment portfolio, exceeding $900 million. Beyond investments, Alexis spearheads critical internal operations, ensuring streamlined systems and processes that fortify CIRE’s readiness for continued expansion.

As a transformational leader, Alexis prioritizes the growth and development of her team. Building strong relationships, she actively supports her team members to find roles where they can thrive, experience joy, and achieve satisfaction and success. Serving as an active board member and mentor, Alexis exemplifies an unwavering commitment to people’s development and success.

Alexis’s inclusive and values-driven approach has been instrumental in shaping CIRE’s achievements. She fosters a culture where inclusivity and diversity of thought, experience, and background are highly valued and celebrated. Beyond CIRE, Alexis is deeply involved in CREW San Diego, actively participating in their DEI committee. Her initiatives aim to promote inclusivity not only within the organization but also across the industry and the broader community, earning her prestigious CREW Awards in 2022 and 2023. Her commitment extends to various organizations, including Kayo, CHIEF, Phelps Forward, and the University of California San Diego Real Estate Development Advisory Board. Alexis actively serves as a panelist, podcast guest, and mentor, showcasing her dedication to advancing the careers of women and students in the broader professional landscape.

Alexis holds a Master of Science in Strategic Management from Kelley School of Business and earned a dual undergraduate degree from the University of California San Diego—a Bachelor of Science in Management Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Notably, during her university years, she achieved All-American Athletic status, underscoring her unwavering commitment to excellence across all facets of her life.

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