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Valarie King

Valarie King

VP of Property Management

Valarie King assumed the role of Vice President of Property Management at CIRE in 2019, overseeing the entire property management department. Her key responsibilities encompass maintaining budgetary control over operating, capital expenses, and NOI, with a focus on achieving a minimum 97% rent collection. Valarie prioritizes strong tenant relations through regular in-person visits and effective written communication, while also fostering valuable vendor relationships to ensure quality service at CIRE properties.

In addition to driving operational efficiencies within the property management department, Valarie is dedicated to the professional development of her team. Encouraging each member to create a personalized development plan, she provides the tools and opportunities necessary for their growth, aligning with their professional goals. 

Valarie’s tenure at CIRE has witnessed crucial achievements, including the implementation of MRI’s Datex Site Visit Module for comprehensive property inspections and tenant interviews. She played a pivotal role in establishing the CIRE Construction Department, while also actively engaging in due diligence processes for new acquisitions and guiding team members to contribute to revenue generation through ancillary income. 

Valarie’s leadership style emphasizes creating opportunities for her team’s growth, inspired by the support she received throughout her own career. Aligned with CIRE’s core values, she focuses on her time on people, improvement, and accountability, believing her daily embodiment of these traits has cultivated a best-in-class team that feels appreciated, valued, and eager for further growth opportunities. 

Before joining CIRE, Valarie served as the Property Manager for Safeway and Albertsons from 2012 to 2019, and previously as the SVP of Property Management at Whitestone from 2006 to 2012. Currently managing the CIRE office in Phoenix, AZ, and overseeing numerous properties in the region, Valarie brings a wealth of experience to her role. She holds a degree from Texas Tech University, underlining her commitment to continuous learning and professional excellence.

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